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  • Easily available in remote areas.
  • Low positioning costs.
  • Can be rapidly positioned by airfreight if necessary.
  • Clean, no risk of contamination.
  • No air space so all air excluded.
  • Low weight so higher payloads.
  • Higher payloads give lower freight costs than drums or IBCs.
  • Fold down empty to about 1 cbm.
  • Low capital cost, low leasing cost.
  • Environmental disposal by BLC.
  • No return loads needed.
  • Quick loading.
  • Low labor for handling, filling & loading.
  • No need for forklift to load or unload container.
  • BLC service network available worldwide.


  • Cannot carry hazardous cargoes.
  • More preparation needed than tank containers.
  • Need pumps to load/unload.

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